1. Is it necessary to download an app to get a virtual tour of my property?
No. Our software directly integrates with the browser. All your customer has to do is open the link to enjoy a seamless virtual tour of your property.

2. I really want to try this product, but is VR too expensive?
We started with a vision to make VR more accessible and affordable. The product pricing for Farsight starts at just INR 1200/month. So, our VR software is affordable.

3. Do my clients need to have a VR headset?
No. The content is integrated in such a way that the client can also view it without wearing any VR headset. This is a 360° experience which is immersive yet accessible.

4. What stage of construction does my project need to be to use Farsight?
a. It doesn’t matter. For newly launched projects, we have a module where we create everything in 3D.
b. If construction is nearing possession, ready possession apartments or even if the sample flat is ready, we have a state-of-the-art 360° camera which shoots high-quality content.

5. How can I adhere to RERA guidelines while using this software?
For this particular reason we have a full time RERA compliance consultant.
a. All the material that is generated is cross-checked and verified for being RERA compliant.
b. Only then it is installed on the site or publicly released.

6. I don’t want to invest in any high-end computers. Is it possible?
Our product is cloud based. So all you need is a browser and internet. No high-end machines are required.

1. Does Zed use the actual CAD files made by my engineers?
Our software is compatible with CAD files. We directly use the actual CAD files that we get from you, which means it is the same file that your design engineers work on.

2. Our industry demands cost efficiency. Is VR very expensive?
We have a special service model for the industrial sector, wherein, we charge a nominal monthly fee and deliver multiple projects.

3. We need fast delivery for the design approval process.
We deliver the product in a couple of days or less after you give us the files.

4. Can this also help me in Marketing and Sales?
Yes, we also have a portable module where you can give your client a to-scale presentation of your products.

Quark Experiences Pvt Ltd is India’s leading analytics driven Virtual Reality company based in Pune. Quark Exp provides engineering driven virtual reality experiences thereby using virtual reality to create tangible value for it's clients.

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