The world's 1st interactive virtual site visit tool

Getting potential customers to visit the site is one of the major concerns faced by real estate developers.
What do you do when your customer is simply too busy to visit you, or simply lives in another city?
  • Virtual site visit with 360° immersive experience
  • Real time experience with complete guidance by your sales staff
  • Integration of floor plans, layouts and other collaterals
  • Compatible with CRM/ERP.
  • ROI calculator
  • Customer insight analytics
  • KPI measurement
  • Browser-integrated software

Industrial VR design tool by QuarkExp

Are you facing problems such as delay/rejection in design approval, inability in gauging the feasibility of a product in real life scenarios? Well, that’s bound to happen.
  • 3D to the scale output to give a better understanding of the design
  • Organically layout all of your part assemblies in VR, right in front of you, and see how they interact in their intended (or unintended) movement
  • Offers an immersive environment and enables the testing, experimentation and evaluation of the product in full context
  • Real-time feedback, reducing significant time wastage and saving costs
Amazing, isn’t it? Why not experience it yourself?
Real Estate Solutions
computer generated images from auto cad sheets
360 VR
shooting of actual site, sample flat and integrating with Farsight
Onsite sales experiences
Channel Partner solutions
Industrial Solutions
Industrial Tour solution
Marketing and sales solution
Solution for design approval
Training module solution

Quark Experiences Pvt Ltd is India’s leading analytics driven Virtual Reality company based in Pune. Quark Exp provides engineering driven virtual reality experiences thereby using virtual reality to create tangible value for it's clients.

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