Farsight: The ultimate VR tool for real estate

No matter how good your development is and how great your sales team is, getting potential home buyers to your site is no easy feat. You’ll have last minute cancellations, or buyers too busy or unavailable to visit your site!

Well if they can’t visit your project site, why not take the site to them? Yes, it’s possible with Farsight – the world's 1st interactive virtual site visit tool by QuarkExp.

Here’s how Farsight helps you generate maximum footfalls and sales –

  • Take your project to your buyers: Now your potential customers can visit your site from the comfort of their homes and enjoy a 360° immersive experience.
  • Complete guidance by your sales staff: Farsight gives your customers a real time experience with complete guidance by your sales staff. You can explain the design concept and layouts just the way you would in person!
  • Collateral Integration: The floor plans, layouts and other collaterals will be integrated into the software, ensuring better understanding of the project.
  • Software Compatibility: Farsight is compatible with CRMs/ERPs, making your business operations easier than ever.
  • ROI calculator: Farsight helps you get the best return on your investment, along with the ease to calculate it!
  • Customer insight analytics: What does your customer like about your project? What does he/her want more of? With Farsight it’s easier to get customer feedback and work towards fulfilling their expectations.
  • KPI measurement: Evaluating your progress in generating more footfalls and sales helps you plan a new marketing strategy and get better output.
  • Browser-integrated software: Your customers don’t need to download an app to use Farsight. The software is integrated directly into browsers, making it user-friendly.

With so many distinct features, Farsight is inarguably a revolutionary tool for the real estate industry.

Why don’t you Get In Touch for a free demo and see how Farsight can help improve your sales?


Quark Experiences Pvt Ltd is India’s leading analytics driven Virtual Reality company based in Pune. Quark Exp provides engineering driven virtual reality experiences thereby using virtual reality to create tangible value for it's clients.

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