The world’s first interactive virtual site visit tool
What do you do
when your customer is simply too busy to visit you,
or lives in another city? 
Take your project to your
customers with

Advantages Farsight:

Virtual site visit tool with 360° immersive experience | Real-time experience with a guided tour by your sales staff | Integration of floor plans, layouts and other collaterals | Compatible with CRM/ERP | ROI calculator | Customer insight analytics | KPI measurement | Browser-integrated software

With so many distinct features, Farsight is inarguably a revolutionary tool for the real estate industry.
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Success Stories
Read about how Ashiana Housing Ltd. leveraged Farsight

Just 5%-10% of the total leads generated visit the project site. This happens because most leads fall into 3 categories:

  • Leads who are very busy and find it hard to visit the site.
  • Leads who are not physically accessible. Example - NRIs, people in different cities.
  • Leads who live in the same city, but the decision-makers live elsewhere. Example - Parents who live in hometowns.

  • We recommended Ashiana Housing Ltd. our virtual site tool - "Farsight".
  • The sales staff were trained in a single day, and the whole project went live in just 10 days.
  • The entire pre-sales module was re-done: the salesperson pitched a virtual site visit to the client
  • The sales staff were able to reach leads and potential customers anywhere in the world, from the comfort of the office  
  • The sales staff pitched in real time, which meant that any “off the top” questions the leads had were addressed.

  • Significant increase in brand engagement and brand recall
  • Total number of site visits jumped by 30%, resulting in more bookings
  • The analytics-driven virtual site visit tool was useful for a more efficient and tailor-made pitch
  • Each pitch was based on the specific needs of the potential customer

Quark Experiences Pvt Ltd is India’s leading analytics driven Virtual Reality company based in Pune. Quark Exp provides engineering driven virtual reality experiences thereby using virtual reality to create tangible value for it's clients.

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