How businesses are leveraging VR for saving cost during design process

Often, designs go through a series of rejections and rework, which adds to the manufacturing costs. Increase in manufacturing costs naturally hampers profit margins, and this understandably gets firms worried. Before we tell you how businesses are leveraging VR to save costs, let’s take a look at what causes design rejections and rework.

  • The 2D models don’t necessarily give a complete idea and demonstrate the functionality of a product.
  • It’s impossible to gauge how a design would work in a real-life scenario.

To tackle these problems, businesses today are using VR, which has shown impressive results and reduced manufacturing costs significantly.

Benefits of VR –

  • 3D to scale output which gives a better understanding of the design.
  • Organically lay out all of your part assemblies in VR, right in front of you, and see how they interact in their intended (or unintended) movements.
  • An immersive environment to test, experiment, and evaluate your product which enables the testing, experimentation, and evaluation of the product in a fuller context.
  • Real-time feedback, reducing time wastage while saving costs

If you too plan on using VR to cut down your manufacturing costs, take a look at Octave – the industrial VR solution by QuarkExp, India’s leading and one-of-its-kind VR Company. To know more about Octave,


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