Industrial VR design tool by QuarkExp
Are you facing delays
in design approval and escalating
manufacturing costs?
The revolutionary industrial VR design tool.

Advantages Octave:

3D to the scale output gives a better understanding of the design | Organically lay out all your part assemblies in VR, right in front of you, and see how they interact in their intended (or unintended) movements | Offers an immersive environment and enables the testing, experimentation and evaluation of the product in its full context | Real-time feedback saves time + money

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Success Stories
Read about how Pari Robotics leveraged Octave
  • Design approval often takes way too much time. On an average, 100x more than the anticipated time!
  • 2D designs, CAD drawings & screenshots of Inventor/Catia/Solidedge dashboards can’t give a clear perspective of the designs
  • Rework increases manufacturing time and costs
  • 2D designs, make difficult to ascertain whether the design will work well in real-life. As several components come together in a single product, some may collide with each other.   
  • Pitching a concept becomes difficult since 2D/miniature models do not translate the scale of the design/idea


We recommended Octave - the industrial VR product by QuarkExp.

  • Octave helps increase design understanding with 3D to the scale output
  • Better design understanding helps reduce approval time
  • Octave gives real-time feedback, so inefficiency and wasted time take a backseat
  • With Octave, it is easy to ascertain how the product works in a real-life scenario - and changes can be made in advance

  • Faster design approvals helped the client save time + money
  • 3D to the scale output helped spot flaws in the design stage, avoiding rework and reducing manufacturing costs

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